Finding the Right Wine

I’m quite happy to admit that my knowledge of wines is extremely limited. I’m not a regular wine drinker and whilst I’ve certainly enjoyed a quite a few types of wine whilst with meals in restaurants, I’ve never really understood what makes certain wines complement certain types of food.

This hasn’t really been much of an issue for me up until now. I have a forthcoming family wedding where I have been asked to provide the catering. It will be quite a low key affair, with only 25 guests invited to the wedding breakfast, I know that I am capable of catering for that number of people; and I know I can put together a good menu that would equal that of any professional caterer. Where I come unstuck is with the choice of Wines.

Researching my topic provided varying results. I found and article that seemed pitched directly at me on the website. Its title is 5 wines you should know and it provided me with some handy information as a starting point. I found a great info-graphic at which really is worth taking a look at it’s also accompanied by a list of 5 guidelines for pairing the right wine with your food.

Ultimately my experience and knowledge of the wines listed is just too limited and getting it right on the day of paramount importance. I’ve decided that I need to bring in specialist help. I spoke to a company that not only has the great knowledge of wines but also specialises in wine delivery.

I was able to discuss the menu with them in detail and they were able to suggest the right wines that would complement the food perfectly. Choosing to hand this over to a specialist supplier was the right decision on this occasion. I can now concentrate on my speciality; the food. The research that I undertook has proven useful and I’ll be trying out a few of these wines to compliment my cooking when there’s not quite so much at stake.