Seafood is popular all over the world and there any many different types and regional variations of common seafood dishes. Today you can get sea food pretty much anywhere in country, although the general consensus is that freshly caught fish and other seafood from costal regions tends to be of better quality! This is certainly true, as the fresher the seafood is the better it tastes, and unfortunately seafood doesn’t stay fresh for long, so it is to be transport inland, or exported to a different country then it needs to be kept on ice.

Seafood is especially popular with British holiday makers who are visiting costal holiday resorts in other countries where fresh fish is plentiful. In fact for many people, their first experience of fresh seafood will be abroad.

Shellfish is a very popular type of seafood that is eaten all over the world and there various different edible shellfish served up as food. However, some people find that shellfish is a bit of an acquired taste, which can often be put down the unusual texture, which is a bit off putting for some people as it can be reminiscent of various unpleasant things. However, most people who get over the appearance of some shellfish and try will soon find that they really enjoy the taste!

Most supermarkets will now carry a selection of fresh seafood that has been transported overnight and kept on ice. The freshness of some of these products being sold in everyday supermarkets can be quite surprising!